Product Information

Yes, our all natural eco-friendly products are FDA approved.

All of our product bottles are made with 100% recycled plastic.

We are thankful to all of our customers for supporting us. This support sometimes sells us out as more and more people want to help us make a difference.

We are working hard to increase our production to handle all orders!

Order Information

Our team needs 1-2 business days to pack and ship your full order. Orders placed after 1:00 pm EST on Friday — or over the weekend — will ship on the next business day.


We currently ship to anywhere in the USA. We’re hoping to expand to other countries in the future. If you have a special order you’d like to place with us just contact our team and we can try to pull some strings!


Get in touch! Please reach out to [email protected] for any information regarding your order! We’re happy to answer questions about Orders, Order Modifications, Shipping, Returns, and Cancellations.