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After years of sitting on the sidelines we decided to make a difference ourselves. We’re done sitting around doing nothing while the environment suffers. We have to do our part to help prevent things from getting worse! Make it our mission to help bring clean air and clean energy to the world. Together, we can make a positive difference!

One of the ways we are working to make a positive impact on the environment is by generating clean energy through the revolutionary process of solar ponds.

In case you’ve never heard of solar ponds, they are an amazing method of harvesting energy directly from the sun. Giant 5-acre ponds are constructed using a dark liner and then filled with a special mixture of highly salinated water.

The salt density in the water is increased to the point of total saturation (approximately 20%) then a layer of fresh water is carefully poured on top as an insulating barrier.

The sun’s rays are attracted and gathered by the dark pond liner then trapped by the insulating layer of freshwater on the surface. This creates a process similar to convection which superheats the highly salinated water on the pond’s foundation layer.

The naturally generated heat gets trapped in the layer of salt water and can then be converted into clean, renewable energy by going through a heat exchanger to produce electricity via turbines.

The electricity generated can help power the grid, and the fresh water created by the desalination process can be used by local farmers and utility companies to help with the droughts affecting areas along the West Coast such as California, as well as areas like Phoenix, Nevada, and Utah.


Despite what corporations try to tell you, clean energy works! It’s here and ready now!

For years you’ve heard the false narrative that solar power is limited to daylight or summer, however the solar pond is able to attract heat throughout the day that it can retain for long periods at a time in the absence of sunlight, opening up entirely new opportunities for environmentally-friendly energy. These solar ponds could change the way we think about energy sources and open up channels for conversation about energy created by harnessing the power nature has given us, instead of poisoning the planet we live on.

One of the ways we want to take the concept of solar ponds to the next level is to use recycled plastics to create the dark liners that are essential for the pond to gather the sun’s rays and generate heat.

Not only will we be pulling trash from the environment, but also putting it to good use by using it to help create clean energy!

We understand that many people are in a situation where they’re unable to plant a tree, clean up a river or build a solar pond in your backyard.

But you can still contribute to the cause of a clean environment while at the same time, ensuring that your own personal environment is completely clean!

This is why we developed an eco-friendly sanitization product to help fund our shared mission, D-Fenz Antimicrobial sanitizers and protectants.

The team behind D-FENZ products includes a strategic mix of scientists, business experts and industry specialists from around the world, all driven by the goal to deliver better and safer antimicrobial products to the market.

Product refinement and testing have been ongoing for the past ten years, seeded by over 20 previous years of core technology research and development.

D-FENZ protectants have been specially created for use on skin, fabrics and other inanimate surfaces, including food contact surfaces. The products are easy to use and leave no residue while remaining active and in place on surfaces for hours, days or even weeks.

If you’re reading this you’ve probably already figured out that we are on the same team...

We both care about our planet, and we both want to make it a cleaner, safer, healthier place for us and future generations to share.

Because of that, we want to offer you a bottle of our environmentally-friendly hand sanitizer, absolutely free. All we ask is that you contribute the shipping charge of getting it delivered to you.

You can feel good knowing that for every $20 we’re able to bring in from giving away this environmentally safe hand sanitizer, we are able to pull 400 pounds of toxic CO2 out of the atmosphere! That’s the same as planting six trees!

Not only are you getting a free gift to show our appreciation for you caring about the Earth so much, but the more we’re able to give away, the more we’re able to keep our air clean! Our all-natural products are FDA approved, and has no harmful chemicals or offensive scents added. Each bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic, and contains the power to protect you from viruses and bacteria for up to four days up to weeks depending on the product!

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